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Did you know that the subject of eating disorders somehow can touch the majority of people's everyday lives in some way shape or form. So I decided that I would like to produce this particular site in order to give other individuals that have an interest in the subject of eating distress, some stimulating information pertaining to the subject.

Being a nurse, I have already devoted years examining this particular topic and found it to be rewarding and fascinating.

All new trends, approaches and solutions are certainly changing our understanding of eating disorders every day. And, it is vital that folks who are interested in anorexia, bulimia, Binge eating disorder and EDNOS, manage to keep themselves up until date with the newest developments as well as news reports about it.

The aspect which I find extremely intriguing, is actually the amount of in-depth information and facts that is regularly becoming available from around the planet on the information superhighway.

I certainly trust that folks with a similar curiosity in eating distress will consider this particular online site helpful and of great benefit, because I truly enjoy assembling the posts, pictures as well as video recordings which are on the site.

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